I understand hearing loss.

I began my journey with just a mild loss in my right ear. I found a professional right away to help me with a hearing aid. Yes, I was a bit self-conscious at first, but once I saw how much it helped me the fear of “others knowing” faded away. At this time, I was not yet fully aware of the issues I would face.

Mother’s Day 1993 began pretty normally, until I started to get very dizzy and sick to my stomach. These feelings only intensified to the point that I felt so sick and disoriented that I couldn’t walk on my own. I got to a doctor the next day, but didn’t get a solid answer, only tranquilizers. Yes, the medication stopped the dizziness but also contributed to feeling out of sync.

Over the next year I tried different doctors while still having these spells without warning, often 2-3 times in a week. I was left exhausted and scared. I then found Dr. Britt Thedinger who specializes in dizziness disorders. From Dr. Thedinger I learned then that I have Menier’s Disease, a condition of imbalance of the fluids in the inner ear. My meds, my diet and my outlook were all changed.

At that time my hearing had not been affected, but fate was not done with me yet! Soon after starting with Dr. Thedinger all the hearing was lost from my left ear and there was a significant drop in my right. I was fitted with a new wireless bi-cross hearing aid system and began to relearn how to hear, listen and communicate with others.

And that is where I am today. It has been and continues to be a journey, one that, at times, is difficult but also filled with blessings and hope. So, when I say I understand hearing loss, I do. Let me help you with your journey. I advocate wearing hearing aids with pride! Stay connected with life and those you love!

- Janie York

Owner & Clinical Supervisor
Hearing Instrument Specialist