Education Spotlight - Personal Amplifiers

To begin our conversation, I would like to talk about the Williams Sound Pocket Talker.

This device is used with headphones connected to an amplifier with a microphone that can be used as pictured or attached to a long cord for use in a group setting. Amplification occurs for only the person wearing the headphones. I have used this device for many years and have tested a number of others. I find it to have the best sound quality of any product of this type on the market.  There are less expensive amplifiers available but they have poor sound quality and a large amount of static making it more difficult to hear rather than easier. 

This device can make the difference in how well your client hears and understands everything you are discussing, without having to rely on a second person to relay information to them.  The higher level of understanding comes with reduced listening effort.  This is the amount of cognitive energy that is used just to hear.  If your client is working so hard to simply hear you, their understanding and engagement in the discussion may be negatively impacted.  This device can reduce listening effort.

If you provide any type of service to elders you will find this easy to use, reasonably priced device a real asset to your customer service initiative.

Who might want to offer this device to clients?

  • Real-estate agents who assist with senior home sales and relocation
  • Financial planners
  • Attorneys
  • Home health professionals
  • Health care and health insurance professionals
  • Anyone offering critical information to clients could benefit from having this device available for client use. 


As a grand opening special this pocket talker is available in the Hear Now store for $170.00 with free shipping through the month of August.

That is $15.00 off the regular price of $185.00

Start making a real difference for your clients today with this easy to use device!